Flosh favorite fruit was an apple. He had to eat an apple every day, not only to keep the doctor away but because to him, it was a wonderful treat. Like expected, he always threw away the middle part. Then one day as he ate an apple to the core, he caught sight of a seed and thought to himself, “if I plant the seed, it just might grow and what a wonderful thing that would be.”

With great ecstasy and much hope, he planted the seed and incessantly watered it day by day. After some time, there was no sign of growth, no hint of green, not the tiniest leaf. ‘Was an apple tree worth all of the grief?’ he was ready to quit if it would not grow.

Flosh went to his father to ask what he should do. His dad told him thus, ‘sometimes things don’t go the way that we plan. Sometimes people give up when they don’t think they can. But to those who keep trying when no one else will, there are dreams to achieve and great hopes to fulfill.

These words revivified Flosh and he came every day without fail to the seed. He watered it and tended its every need. Then one day a green leaf sprouted up from the ground and the new tree eventually met the one who allowed it to grow.

Full of cheer, he couldn’t hold back tears of joy. Patience had brought this new life from the ground. He had not given up when the outlook was grim. He helped that little seed that depended on him and it brought him more apples than he could eat. It grew strong, broad, and beautiful; ever so tall from the patience and hope of a seed once so small.

Ralph Waldo Emerson tells the story with great precision: ‘adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.’ So, Does IT Cook Stones? Our Principal back in High School was always in the affirmative whenever he raised this question, ‘Yes, IT cooks stones.’

Some have said ” IT is a virtue; IT is the best remedy for every trouble; IT is eternal genius; although IT is bitter, its fruit is sweet; a man who is a master of IT is a master of everything else; IT is the price to pay for anything worth having; IT is the most important quality for business; IT is the key to everything; whoever is out of IT is out of possession of their soul; there are no honors too distant to the man who prepares himself for them with IT”.

On and on, many have insinuated its importance in varying expressions.

Our very own wahenga have succinctly said in words we all so often quote ‘mvumilivu hula mbivu’. And a man we all associate with in one way or another couldn’t say it any better, ‘if I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought,’ Isaac Newton.

Truth be told, anyone can be a leader and that includes you. The greatest leadership myth ever told is that ‘leaders are born.’ Far from it, leaders are made and anyone can develop the leader in him or herself. However, there is a price to pay; and the price is PATIENCE.

It is as simple as that, be willing to learn daily, be willing to grow daily, be willing to sacrifice daily, and don’t become weary of serving your generation or those under your care.

Then slowly and certainly, the priceless fruit of great leadership will inevitably emerge and you will surely become “indispensable.” Only understand that it takes time, it takes time, it takes time; in other words, you’ve got to be patient, for patience really cooks stones- there is nothing that is unattainable once somebody develops patience.Truly, as John C. Maxwell has so bravely asserted:Leadership develops daily not in a day.



3 thoughts on “DOES IT COOK STONES?

  1. Lovely read. Thank you

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